Microclimates and Terroir

In January 2010 I visited the Valle de Uco, Argentina to blend the wines of Chaiken Vineyards. In this segment Santiago Achaval, a consulting winemaker to Vines of Mendoza, comments on microclimates and terroir in the Valle de Uco.

Tour of the Vineyards 2009 

In March 2009 I visited the my vineyard to see how things were doing.


Santiago Achaval Appears on Wine Library TV with Gary V.

Three Sheets Visits Mendoza and VOM

From Malbec to Mate to Fernet this Three Sheets guy takes you through the Mendoza wine region. Although a bit sophmoric, this show that glorifies drink around the world does a great job of showing you the wonders of Argentina. You get to meet my very good friends at the Vines of Mendoza (VOM), Mariana, one of the finest and most beautiful wine masters I know, Julian from Achaval-Ferrer, and Pablo one of three founders of VOM.

Favorite Videos from Don Gurewitz Photography

Sample of the brilliant travel photographs taken by Don Gurewitz.