Uncategorized July 28, 2009

We Have Labels!

by Barry Chaiken

The Chaiken Vineyards label design is complete!! My great friends at J Sherman Studio LLC and the Vines of Mendoza helped produce a final design that I am quite happy with.

The design incorporates a colorful icon depicting the Andes and the many poplar tress theat grace the Valle de Uco. The colors used in the icon will indicate the grape varietal used to make the wine in each bottle. In addition, the grape varietal name will appear aside the vinage year.

OF the 5 acres planted, 2 are malbec,  and 1 acre each of cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and cabernet franc. My reserva wine, Generaciones, will be blended from these varietals to produce a food friendly wine expressive of the terroir of Chaiken Vineyards

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