More than 100 years ago my grandparents came to America to realize their dream of freedom, opportunity, and a better life for their children. One grandfather, Israel, became a carpenter, while the other, Sam, founded his own business delivering soda and seltzer to residents of New York City. My father, Raymond, continued in the delivery business working six days per week, while my mother, Estelle, worked as a bookkeeper, a position she held for more than 50 years. To honor my parents and grandparents, I started Chaiken Vineyards and named its premium wine Generaciones, a tribute to the sacrifice they made to offer me a better life.

Our first harvest is on March, 2010 with the wine to be released in 2011. Please join our e-mail list to keep informed about events at our vineyard.


Barry P. Chaiken, Proprietor
Chaiken Vineyards
14 Durham Street
Boston, MA 02115 USA